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85. Using a background image, mousePressed and mouseReleased()

While programming you have to pay a lot of attention to details. For example, there is a function called mousePressed() and there is a variable called mousePressed. The function gets called once when we click with the mouse. The variable has a value of true or false depending on if the mouse is currently clicked or not.
Since I want to make a circle grow while the mouse is clicked, I should keep checking the mousePressed variable inside the draw() function. Each time I notice the mouse is pressed, I make the circle a little bit bigger.
But I need a way to make it smaller again, otherwise it would grow out of the screen at some point. I use a function called mouseReleased() to achieve this. That function is executed when I stop pressing the mouse button, so it's a great place to reset the size of my circle.
After trying these mouse related functions and variables we use for the first time an image as a parameter for the background() function. In all previous episodes we used a color instead, so we were erasing the whole screen with a color, often white or black. But as we can see now, it's possible to erase the screen using a photo.
We end the episode with a question that will be answered in the next episode: how to draw a new circle each time we click the mouse? The difficulty here is that I want to move a circle when I move the mouse, and make a circle stay there in the background when I click. If I wasn't moving a circle it would be easy. I could just remove the background() call, and then just draw a new circle each time I click. But if I want to move a circle, I need to call background() to keep erasing the circle I'm moving, otherwise it gets full of circles as I move the mouse. Tricky :)

Tags: mousePressed, mouseReleased, image, background

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