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47. Share your Processing program with the world

Discover how you can show other people your cool Processing programs. You can do that in just one minute:

1) select your program's source code in the Processing editor
2) copy (Shortcut = CTRL+C)
3) go to Sketchpad and log in (create an account if you don't have one)
4) click on create new sketch
5) you will see some existing source code. You can delete it all and paste yours (shortcut = CTRL+V)
6) Click run and see if your program is working fine
7) Click the camera icon on the top right corner of your running program to capture a nice screenshot
8) Change the program name, by default it's called Untitled Sketch
9) Share your program. There are buttons for sharing on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to send a link to your program by e-mail, right click on "link to this revision" and copy the address. Then past the address on an e-mail.

In Sketchpad you can do more things. You can run programs created by other people. You can learn from their source code. You clone someone else's program and change it. You can even see other people programming on real time and chat with them while they do it!

Show other people the cool programs you create! :)

Update: https://openprocessing.org is another very nice platform where you can share your sketches and discover amazing work by others. Give it a try :)

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