Learn creative coding writing simple programs

1. Introduction

Welcome to Fun Programming!

This is the introduction to a series of videos where I will be explaining creative programming to beginners. I start with a programming language called Processing in the next video. These videos are part of a challenge to upload one episode each day during August 2011.

I focus on creating visual effects and not so much in theory. Usually I introduce one new concept on each episode.

Most images in this video are taken from the programs we write in coming episodes.

In www.funprogramming.org you can read the descriptions of all episodes in one page.

Note: This video replaces the original introduction video. It's the same but better :)

Tags: graphics, animation, Intro

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Questions and comments

Try to stay close to the topic of this episode. Use the Processing forums for help with unrelated Processing projects (or hire me for help ;-)

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Do `float` and `int` smell similar?
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``` void setup() { size(600, 600); } ```