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119. Using KeepassX to manage your passwords

This video is about passwords, and about how to use Keepass to generate, remember and type passwords.

Many people use the same passwords for different services. This is a bad idea. Imagine you use the same password for something not important, and for something important. If someone accesses the not important site and gets your password, the person can then also access the important site. If you use the same password in 50 different sites, the risk gets multiplied, because if just one of them looses their user data, then you are at risk at 50 different sites.

But using different passwords in 50 different sites is impossible, you say. How would you remember all those passwords !? There are programs that take care of that. One of them is called Keepass. It's free and open source, and available for many different mobile platforms and operating systems.

In this video I show you how to create a password database, how to tell Keepass to create new passwords for you, how to auto-type those passwords and a few other tips.

Tags: passwords, security, keepass, keepassx

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