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Programming can be fun and a very creative activity. Playing with graphics and sound is a great way to get started. That's how I learnt programming and math: by experimenting and building things I could see and hear. This is my attempt to share with you how I learnt coding.

Most episodes include a very short program that tries to explain one idea, and builds on top of previous episodes. The first episodes talk about a programming language called Processing. It's very easy to get started with it. The newer episodes combine graphics generated with Processing and sound produced with the SuperCollider programming language.

Have fun mixing code and your creativity!



You can post questions and comments below each video. If you are stuck with a Processing project, this forum can probably help. The SuperCollider forum can be found here.


To feature your sketch here send me your openprocessing link.

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Thousands of people of all ages got started with coding thanks these videos. I've received messages from a 10 year old kid and from a woman in her 70s. Teachers at universities in different countries point their students to Fun Programming. It was my hope that my effort would be useful for someone, but it's nonetheless surprising to see it happen and receive feedback from all continents.

I have a big list with improvements I'd like to implement in this site and ideas about new tutorials to record. I feel I just scratched the surface because there are so many amazing things one can do with coding! Unfortunately I need to make a living, and the donations I've received so far just cover the server costs.

My hope is that one or more of the universities that recommends these tutorials to their students sponsor me to work full time on making Fun Programming grow.

I know I could add ads to this site and to each video to make money, but there is good news: I'm totally against ads :) If you feel like, you can still donate to help keep Fun Programming running.

May these tutorials inspire you to create beautiful or useful programs, and help you a bit in your career or life. Programming has given me the freedom to live and work in different countries. I hope you benefit from that too :)


Fun Programming is on Twitter. To send me an e-mail, add "@funprogramming.org" to "fun" :)

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To watch an episode offline, visit http://vimeo.com/hamoid/NNN where NNN is the episode number you want, then click download.

You can download the source code for all episodes, but you will learn more if you type the code yourself :)

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